Happier Hours

Hard cider that's cause for celebration

(and means to it).

surprise inside!

What glory lies within these cylindrical shaped pieces of glass?





1.filled with or revealing awe:

"people were awestruck by the pictures sent back to earth"



We are fanatical about crafting transcendent,
awe-inspiring liquid.  That's why we put it right on our labels.

Each and every apple in our blends specifically loves you, and they’ve all come together to help improve your day.


meet the team

coming soon


Project Jabberwocky (Empire Cider)

OK really, meet the team

We're a little camera shy and to be honest, we'd really rather have our fans be awestruck than lovestruck - and we just know you will be smitten once you see our smiling faces.

But, if you promise to only send love notes on Valentine's Day...


 (caveat mailor: if there is no candy involved they will be return-to-sender-ed).

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so close and yet, so far

Well you've nearly made it to the bottom of this page, but just like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, there is WAY more to explore.




  • Fresh Cut Flowers
  • Freshly Picked Apples
  • Beer (Attn: Casey)
  • Cookies


**When mailing live animals, please include enough food and water for their journey.